Electric scooter BlueTouch BTX250 silver

Model: Bluetouch BTX250 (e-Scooters)

Electric scooter BlueTouch BTX250 silver

With this extra light scooter you will get the right freedom in the city and enjoy a lot of fun. The rear wheel suspension ensures a comfortable ride even on small potholes. You will avoid all traffic jams and save tens of minutes every day. It can travel up to 30 km on a single charge thanks to a high-quality battery.


Čas Cena
4 hours 10,00€
1 day 20,00€
2 days 35,00€
3 days 45,00€
4 days 70,00€
Other Call us

Deposit: 0,00€ (cash only)


  • Electric scooter with a power of 250 W
  • Range for one battery charge: 30 km (under ideal conditions even 60 km)
  • Modern design look - elegant and minimalist construction with blue details
  • Lightweight construction - total weight including battery is 12.5 kg
  • Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 8 Ah
  • Load capacity up to 100 kg
  • 8.5 "tubeless perforated design wheels
  • Front and rear 3D LED headlights
  • Rear disc brakes and front electronic brakes
  • Simple intuitive display
  • For a friendlier recharging of the battery, the connector is located under the handlebars
  • Convenient carrying of the scooter behind the front bar - hook above the rear fender
  • Adjustable rear suspension
  • High degree of protection - IPS 65


Weekend means the time from Saturday 10:00 to Monday 12:00.

    Frequently asked question dedicated to renting a bike

    Thanks to many years of experience in the sale and service of bicycles, BE-CYCLES can guarantee the 100% condition of the rented bicycle.
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    We do everything we can to prevent flat tires. Our bicycles are equipped with puncture-proof tires, but we understand that sometimes that's not enough. So part of the loan is also a flat tire repair kit together with a small pump. It is even possible that we will come to you after a call for bicycle repair / exchange, but it will cost you 30€.